Passito Bianco Veneto I.G.T.
Le Conchielle

DENOMINATION: Passito Bianco Veneto I.G.T.


GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Garganega

AREA OF PRODUCTION: Area of Alpone valley, in the north-eastern part of Soave.

HARVEST: Harvested and selected completely by hand around mid-late September

TECHNIQUE: The grapes are left to dry into little plastic boxes located inside aired places, where they are constantly controlled and cleaned up until the moment of pressing (At the end of December). After then, it takes place a slow fermentation into stainless steel tanks and a following bottle aging for about 6 months.

TASTING NOTE: Sweet and intense wine with a golden yellow colour and a pleasant fruity bouquet of raisin and candied fruit.

FORMAT: Bottle: 0.75 Lt

Passito Bianco Veneto I.G.T.

12° - 14° C

A meditative wine, excellent with strong-tasting blue cheeses. It can be paired also with dry baked goods, Vicenza’s mustard and dark chocolate.