Cabernet Sauvignon Veneto I.G.T.
Le Ghiaie

DENOMINATION: Cabernet Sauvignon Veneto I.G.T. aged in barriques.


GRAPE VARIETY: Cabernet Sauvignon Veneto

AREA OF PRODUCTION: San Bonifacio area, the most suitable wine country for the Arcole D.O.C., characterized by a soil of volcanic origin, mainly composed of clay.

HARVEST: Completely harvested by hand in early-mid September.

TECHNIQUE: After a soft pressing, the must is left to ferment with grape skins into temperature-controlled (20-24°C) stainless steel tanks, for around 10 days. The wine ages for about 12 months into French oak barriques and for the last 6 months into bottles.

TASTING NOTE: Dry wine with an intense ruby red colour tending to garnet. The delicate perfumes of violet and vanilla combines with an intense and characteristic aroma of wild plums, blueberry, cherry, raspberries and hints of green pepper and aromatic hydrocarbons. The taste is dry and full-bodied, with a notable structure.

FORMAT: Bottle: 0.75 Lt

Cabernet Sauvignon Veneto I.G.T.

16° - 18° C

A perfect combination with grilled and roasted meats, red and important meats like the “Fiorentina” and aged cheeses.