Cabernet Sauvignon Veneto I.G.T.

DENOMINATION: Cabernet Sauvignon Veneto I.G.T.


GRAPE VARIETY: Cabernet Sauvignon Veneto

AREA OF PRODUCTION: San Bonifacio area, the most suitable wine country for the Arcole D.O.C., characterized by a soil of volcanic origin, mainly composed of clay and limestone

HARVEST: Completely harvested by hand in early-mid September.

TECHNIQUE: After a soft pressing, the must is left to ferment with grape skins into temperature-controlled (24-25°C) stainless steel tanks, for around 10 days.

TASTING NOTE: Dry wine, ruby red-coloured, with intense aromas of red berry fruits and undergrowth, like violet and roses, and strong scents of currant and blackberries. The taste is soft and balanced, with a pleasant herbaceous aftertaste.

FORMAT: Bottle: 0.75 Lt

Cabernet Sauvignon Veneto I.G.T.

14° - 16° C

It’s a pleasant combination with meat sauces-based first dishes, roasted and grilled meats and game in general.